Our concept with an example

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Freenet4all1Smartphones are becoming the life of youngsters these days. And so they need a lot of data to spend their time on internet. And as we said earlier that telecom carriers are increasing the costs of data plans.

At an average a smartphone user has to pay approximately Rs. 500 for getting just 2 GB data at 3G network for one month.

Here with our concept almost everybody who is using a smartphone is being benefited. Below I am explaining our concept with an example.

Example : We will gift our users with FREE 3G mobile data with one day validity on signing up with us. Just send us a SMS with your mobile no and we will welcome you with your FREE 3G mobile data for that day. Now the game begins users have to browse one special section (will disclose it soon about that section) of our website for maximum approx. 2-5 mins daily. And upon their successful browsing we will send them next day’s FREE mobile internet with the validity starting from 0000 hrs to 2400 hrs.

Suppose Ramesh has sent us an SMS with his mobile no like 9123456789 today (i.e.01-nov-2015), then we will send him FREE 3G mobile data for the first time welcoming him as our registered user today (i.e.01-nov-2015). After that Ramesh has to browse one special section (will disclose it soon about that section) of our website for maximum approx. 2-5 mins daily. Suppose he browsed successfully today (i.e.01-nov-2015), then we will inform Ramesh that he will get his next day’s FREE mobile data at the mid-night of 01-nov-2015 and 02-nov-2015. Here we are giving this FREE mobile data at 0000 hrs so that Ramesh will utilize the mobile internet to the maximum for the next day. After browsing our website for 2-5 minutes, he is free to do whatever he want to do with that rest mobile data (upto 2400 hrs of that date i.e.01-nov-2015)

Next day (i.e.02-nov-2015) again he has to successfully browse our website’s special section in order to get FREE 3G mobile data for the next day (i.e.03-nov-2015). This cycle keeps on going till Ramesh needs our FREE mobile internet.

Please share your email id with us on the pop up, so that we will keep you informing about the updates. Please send us your feedback and suggestions at feedback@freenet4all.com. Thanks in advance for your feedbacks and suggestions.

NOTE : We are not LIVE right now, we are working hard on the concept right now and very soon we will be coming LIVE and will provide our users with FREE mobile internet. Right now we are also taking feedbacks from users like you who is reading our posts so don’t hesitate to write to us.

Don’t forget to register with us so that we can serve you as soon as we are LIVE.

Thank you so much once again for reading this post, friends please send your feedback if you like our concept or if you dislike our concept.



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